RiskTools - a comprehensive credit risk credit risk credit risk assessment

The most comprehensive risk management service for online retail lending: we evaluate the quality of a client in terms of business indicators, not abstract points.


We minimize human participation in the process of assessing the quality of the client. Thus, we reduce costs and the impact of the human factor


Ability to form a portfolio based on business requirements for turnover, profitability and business growth dynamics


Our own UBKI connector is a great way to reduce your costs for creating and constantly maintaining integration with UBKI

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About us

RiskTools has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian online lending market since 2015.

Most of our clients issue loans solely on the basis of our assessment, without resorting to manual verification. At the same time, for evaluation, we need minimal data about the client. We collect the rest of the information ourselves.

Our models are primarily focused on final business indicators: turnover, profitability, growth dynamics of returning customers. This allows the business to accurately plan Cash-Flow, manage the approval rate depending on business requirements and maximize the LTV of each client