More than just a scorecard

RiskTools is the largest scoring provider in the Ukrainian online lending market. We have been managing the risk of our partners since 2015. We call our services "risk management" because our assessment goes beyond the usual scorecarding.


We will check if a SIM card has been recently reissued, the database of lost documents and other factors of identity theft

Financial modeling

We will prioritize clients in terms of quick turnover of funds and the likelihood of repeated requests.

Cybersecurity assessment

Information about the factors that prevent the leakage of sensitive data from the system and data manipulation

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Automation of processes

A high degree of automation is not only a reduction in the impact of the human factor on business. Automating the process of issuing a loan eliminates gaps in the sales funnel, reduces the cost of each loan issued and cost of attracted lead, allows the business to work without interruptions, regardless of the time of year or time of day.

Manageability of business

A managed portfolio is an opportunity not only to predict the default rate, but also to flexibly manage it by adjusting risk policies, predicting repayment volumes, asset turnover, base revolving and, ultimately, business profitability.

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Outside of Ukraine

We are ready to build a risk model for lending in another country either on partnership terms or as a service. Please do not hesitate to contact!